NaturaStone Applications

  • Kitchen counter tops 
  • Bathroom vanity tops 
  • Bar tops 
  • Fascia panels 
  • Dining tables
  • Shower panels 
  • Shower bases
  • Food service counters
  • Coffee tables 
  • Splashbacks 
  • Wall panels
  • Commercial counters 
  • Lift car panels 
  • Laundries
  • Flooring
  • Column cladding


NaturaStone Colour Range 
A wide variety of 36 colours enhances any decor in any style. 


NaturaStone can also be readily overlaid by trained installers to cover existing counter tops, reducing costs and interruptions.

NaturaStone offers a tailored solution to an infinite variety of applications in a wide range of project categories.

The Most Advanced Quartz Surface

NaturaStone is an Australian Made  6mm thick Quartz Surfacing material combining beauty with exceptional durability and ease of handling.

NaturaStone can be readily applied to an infinite variety of residential and commercial projects.

NaturaStone can be installed as a complete new counter top or applied on site, easily resurfacing existing counter tops.

NaturaStone represents the next generation in quartz surfacing technology. The unique and enviormentally friendly technology developed in Australia has not been matched by any other manufacturer worldwide. NaturaStone is backed by a 12 year Warranty

NaturaStone has established a channel to market through a nationwide distributors in:
Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States. Authorized installers measure your project, fabricate to the exact dimensions and install your new beautiful, prestigious NaturaStone quartz surface for your continued enjoyment.

The multi-functional advanced structure of NaturaStone allows for a variety of edge details, including curved edges and can be built up to any thickness.
NaturaStone a beautiful, versatile, environmentally friendly and economical quartz surface.
NaturaStone  6mm thickness reduces quartz consumption by over 65% per slab.
NaturaStone  adopts environmental programs toensure a long product life cycle, whilst minimizing environmental loads.