NaturaStone Technically Ready for all Applications

General Specification Typical
Slab size nominal 3050 x 1300 x 6.5mm
Slab size tolerance Length +50 Width +10
Slab thickness tolerance +/- 0.70 mm
Slab flatness +/- 1mm width / +/- 2mm length
Gloss 56
Slab weight 58 kg
Properties Test Method Typical Value
Specific Gravity ASTM D792 2.40
Hardness MOHS 7.6
Water Absorption AS 1756-1989 (AS-3558.1) 0.03%
Colour Fastness AS 1756-1989 (AS-3558.3) No change
Impact Resistance AS 1756-1989 (AS-3558.15) No cracks or crazing
Impact Resistance EN14617.9 3.30j unsupported 6.1j supported
Izod Impact Resistance ASTM D256 2.23ft.lbf
Flexural Strength ASTM D790 47Mpa
Resistance to Surface Scratching AS 1756-1989 Unaffected
Resistance to Surface Scratching ASNZS 2924.2.14 B.5N
Wear Index ASTM D4060 D.58mg/cycle
Heat Resistance NEMA D2863 No Change
Steam Resistance ASNZS 2924.2.23 No Change
Boiling Water Surface NEMA LD-3 No Change
Stain Resistance AS 1756-1989 (AS-3658.2) Pass. Any superficial stains were removed by water, undiluted bleach or Jiff.
Slip Resistance ASNZS 4586 Dry Class F (medium)
Slip Resistance ASNZS 4586 Wet 21
Thermal Shock ASTM C484 No cracks or crazing
Heat Release ASNZS 3837 Total Heat Released 50.1 MJ/kg
Average Specific Extinction Area ASNZS 3837 153.1 m2/kg
Critical Heat Flux ASISO 9239 1 4
Early Fire Hazard Ignitability Index AS1530.3 0-20 4
Early Fire Hazard Spread of Flame Index AS1530.3 0-10 0
Early Fire Hazard Heat Evolved Index AS1530.3 0-10 2
Early Fire Hazard Smoke Developed Index AS1530.3 0-10 2

NaturaStone is the green choice

NaturaStone Environmental Overview

NaturaStone is an excellent performer in its intended application.
NaturaStone 6mm thinkness reduces quartz consumption by over 65% per slab as oppoised to standard 20mm e-stone.
The supply of quartz does not interfere with any confined aquifer and is from a recycled resource.
The polymer raw material supplier complies with the relevant environmental legislation.
Waste management procedures divert all waste into recyclable and reusable materials.
Solid waste is recycled, whilst polishing grinds are incorporated in concrete and render. There is no hazardous waste.
Energy consumption is below 20mj/sqm of product. (permitted level 100mj/sqm).
Dust emission is 0mg/sqm of product. (permitted level 300mg/sqm).
Styrene emission is below 0mj/sqm of product. (permitted level 2000mg/sqm).
Due to the naturw of the polymer very VOC levels of 0 are obtained.
Effluent water is recycled and contain less that 0mg/L of contaminants. (permitted level 40mg/L).
NaturaStone does not contain and prohibited substances.
Noise level from the production does not exceed 30db(A). (permitted level 70db(A).

NaturaStone environmental programs ensure a long product life cycle, whilst minimizing environmental loads and providing a sustainable product and manufacturing process which is the next generation in quartz surface technology, unmatched by any company or product in the world.

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